Board of Directors

The board oversees the GBD’s programs and investments. Board members are accountable to their neighbors for spending their assessment dollars effectively and efficiently


Jesse Herzog, President (Dogpatch commercial property owner)
Jean Bogiages, Vice President (NW Potrero residential property owner)
Susan Eslick, Treasurer (Dogpatch residential property owner)
Kate Eppler, Secretary ( NW Potrero residential tenant)

Janet Carpinelli, ( Dogpatch residential property owner)
Kristel Craven, ( Dogpatch commercial tenant)
Keith Goldstein, ( Dogpatch commercial tenant)
Alex Goretsky, ( Dogpatch residential property owner)
Bruce Huie, ( Dogpatch residential property owner)
James Naylor, ( Dogpatch commercial property owner)
Phil Pierce, (Greenspace advocate)
Kat Sawyer, ( Greenspace advocate)
Alison Sullivan, (Dogpatch residential property owner)
Loren Swanson, ( NW Potrero residential property owner)

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Jean Bogiages (2015-2019)

As a longtime neighborhood park supporter and retired software engineer, I support the GBD goals of transparency and community engagement in order to enable neighborhood green governance resulting in positive environmental change. I have worked to reclaim CalTrans right-of-way; parcels for public use and to incorporate sound environmental practices in urban public open space projects.


Janet Carpinelli (2015-2019)

I am a Dogpatch home owner, resident, graphic designer. I am an advocate for increasing local CA native plant habitat in our urban green spaces. I helped facilitate the transfer of Esprit Park to the City. As GreenTrustSF Chair, I led creation of the Dogpatch 22nd St. Greening Master Plan, sidewalk gardens for 22 Dogpatch homes and for I.M. Scott School, and the roof water percolation gardens at Minnesota/22nd St. bulb-out. I am committed to GBD’s fair and fiscally responsible use of our tax dollars. I also work for Golden Gate Audubon guiding public and corporate volunteers in local SF Bay shoreline native habitat restoration.


Kristel Craven (2017-2020)

I want to be on the board because I have seen firsthand what a difference green spaces can make in a neighborhood. I have solid organizational and operational experience, have led diverse teams, met huge expectations, am a persistent problem solver, and I'm passionate about the environment and my community.


Kate Eppler (2017-2018)

Kate Eppler has been a resident of Northwest Potrero Hill since 2010. She brings to the board experience in journalism and writing and managing grants, as well as a deep appreciation for our local parks and green spaces. Eppler is the mother of a toddler who loves to get outside.


Susan Eslick (2015-2019)

21 year Dogpatch resident and business owner. Former president and current vice president of the Dogpatch Neighborhood Association. I served on the GBD formation committee for three years and current board Treasurer. The initial year of the GBD found us forming and legalizing a 501(c)3 and following the guideline of our Management Plan. Now that the GBD is up and running I am proud of the improvements we have made and look forward to even more enhancements throughout the district.


Alex Goretsky (2017-2020)

I have been advocating for more green spaces in the Dogpatch since I became a property owner and subsequently started a small cafe business here. My goal for becoming a GBD director is to bring my skills and dedication to further increase the density and access to green spaces for all residents and visitors.


Jesse Herzog (2017-2020)

I am a 6th generation San Franciscan dedicated to the renewal and beautification of the City’s green infrastructure. I serve on the executive and capital projects committees of the GBD. As a real estate professional, I have 12+ years’ experience working with San Francisco on building public green spaces, and recently completed construction of the new Tubbs Boardwalk open space in Dogpatch.

Jim Naylor.png

Jim Naylor (2015-2018)

I am a Bay Area native working in real estate management, currently with the American Industrial Center, one of the City’s key PDR centers. I joined the GBD representing property owners to protect existing greenspace in the Dogpatch and to increase the number of parks and recreation areas for its inhabitants. I will continue to push hard for beautification of the Dogpatch as the area grows and develops.


Phil Pierce (2015-2019)

As an environmentalist, urbanist and transit nerd, I am proud of the work the GBD has done to make the neighborhood greener, cleaner and more connected. Although we are still a young organization, our ability to leverage the incredible passion of neighbors, funds from local assessments and skills of the members is truly inspiring.


Kat Sawyer (2017-2020)

As a dedicated GBD Board member for the past year, I’ve been chair of the Service working group which organized and implemented the Jumpstart Program and other initiatives to improve public spaces within GBD. I am inspired by community-driven efforts that make neighborhoods more vibrant, and am honored to be a part of this organization.


Alison Sullivan (2017-2020)

I am a pastry chef, mother of two, and resident of Dogpatch since 2012.  I love volunteering in my community through stewardship of our shared public spaces.  Working to improve our pedestrian experience and emphasizing livability through mixed-use urban green-space, amidst this density growth, is of concern for generations to come.