Jesse Herzog

I am a 6th generation San Franciscan dedicated to the renewal and beautification of the City’s green infrastructure. I serve on the executive and capital projects committees of the GBD. As a real estate professional, I have 12+ years’ experience working with San Francisco on building public green spaces, and recently completed construction of the new Tubbs Boardwalk open space in Dogpatch.


Nicky Jacobson

As a member of the GBD board, I’m deeply committed to outreach, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.  I believe listening to the needs of the property owners who pay the GBD assessments and acting in accordance with those needs is the key to a successful green benefit district.


Jim Naylor

I am a Bay Area native working in real estate management, currently with the American Industrial Center, one of the City’s key PDR centers. I joined the GBD representing property owners to protect existing greenspace in the Dogpatch and to increase the number of parks and recreation areas for its inhabitants. I will continue to push hard for beautification of the Dogpatch as the area grows and develops.


Phil Pierce

As an environmentalist, urbanist and transit nerd, I am proud of the work the GBD has done to make the neighborhood greener, cleaner and more connected. Although we are still a young organization, our ability to leverage the incredible passion of neighbors, funds from local assessments and skills of the members is truly inspiring.