Kyle Borland- Dogpatch Tenant


As a lifelong military brat, Dogpatch is the first place I chose to live myself. No PCS orders – just me and a search for a non-existent home. I want to be involved in the continued natural growth of our neighborhood to ensure it never loses its industrial-sized welcoming charm.

Kristel Craven - Dogpatch Tenant

II want to be on the board because I have seen firsthand what a difference green spaces can make in a neighborhood. I have solid organizational and operational experience, have led diverse teams, met huge expectations, am a persistent problem solver, and I'm passionate about the environment and my community.


Clarence "Sparr" Risher - Dogpatch Tenant

I'm interested in encouraging forward looking activity and planning in our neighborhood

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Nicky Jacobson - Dogpatch Tenant

Living in northern Dogpatch I am acutely concerned about the impending influx of people to our neighborhood. I’m deeply committed to outreach, transparency and accountability. I already work with community groups to advocate for more/improved green space in Dogpatch/Potrero Hill and would like to continue that work with the GBD.

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Kate Eppler - Northwest Potrero Hill Tenant

Hello! As the mother of a rambunctious toddler, I am a heavy user of parks all over our neighborhood. I have grantwriting experience that I hope can be useful to the GBD, and I look forward to helping our community become an even better place.

Kat Sawyer - Green Space Advocate  (incumbent)

As a dedicated GBD Board member for the past year, I’ve been chair of the Service working group which organized and implemented the Jumpstart Program and other initiatives to improve public spaces within the GBD. I am inspired by community-driven efforts that make neighborhoods more vibrant, and I am honored to be a part of this organization.