New Irrigation and Trees


New Irrigation Installed
In 3 GBD Parks

The GBD has completed the installation of water-efficient irrigation systems in Progress Park, Angel Alley and Fallen Bridge Park. GBD parks are designed to be drought-tolerant, but the irrigation systems will help the parks bridge the dry summer months. Automatic irrigation also reduces the labor involved in hand watering and allows crews to focus more time on other types of park care.


160 New Trees Coming to Our District!
Will one make its home near yours?

The GBD is helping Friends of the Urban Forest add 160 trees in and around the District this fall. We are looking for volunteers for a District planting day on Saturday, October 14. To volunteer, get more information and sign up for project updates, go the FUF website
Trees are free! Friends of the Urban Forest will inspect for utilities, cut sidewalk basins, provide the trees and prune them for 5 years at no cost to property owners. Property owners can choose tree species from an approved list.
The project will attempt to plant and replace trees in every viable location in the district. If you do NOT want a tree at your location, you will need to ACTIVELY OPT OUT on FUF’s website before September 1 at
Look for general information on street trees on the GBD website at GBD TREES