Esprit Mtg and Minne Upgrade


Esprit Park Renovation Community Meeting

The Planning Department, working with community members, has developed a design direction for improvements to Esprit Park. UCSF’s pledge of $5 million in funding for the renovation has helped accelerate the project timeline. The GBD and RecPark are sponsoring a community meeting to review the plan to date and talk about next steps. Join us Thursday, September 14 from 6:00 to 7:30 at Abaca’s Clubhouse Room, 2660 3rd Street near 23rd. For more information, go to


Minnesota Grove Gets an Irrigation Upgrade

Minnesota Grove got a revamped irrigation system just in time for the hot weather. The GBD contracting crew installed sprinklers that better direct and manage water for more effective irrigation. The crew took care of a broken limb in the large willow and did some other pruning. A shout out and big thanks to park steward David Hall for his ongoing help in working with the GBD to maintain this neighborhood treasure.