GSW, PG&E, GBD Workday

Pennsylvania Avenue

Over 100 Warriors fans and PG&E employees, GBD Board members, and Dogpatch and Potrero Hill neighbors participated in a Warriors-sponsored Neighborhood Revitalization Day organized in cooperation with the Green Benefit District.  Volunteers helped to transform a long stretch of Pennsylvania Avenue from a neglected, weedy, trash-filled and debris filled wasteland into a safe and attractive landscaped walking path.  Our friends at Catmex Maintenance did a terrific job of preparing the site for the workday and getting the new path in.  Neighbors donated succulents.  The volunteers came through, doing an amazing amount of work in just one day.  Even Warrior David West came out to wield a shovel.

progress park dog run

The GBD/Warriors/PG&E workday also included upgrades to the Progress Park dog run.  Volunteers replaced all the bark chips in the run, filled and planted a new perimeter planter, and filled in the wood iris planted along the sidewalk border.  Plants along the fence line that are not healthy for dogs were cut back.  Catmex is adding irrigation for the plants and improving the dog drinking stations.  With more and more dogs in the City, every off-leash space is a precious resource.  All of Progress Park is a treasure.  We are grateful to the park stewards who created Progress Park.  The GBD is proud to included it among our maintained parks.